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Virtuous Results:

The results that occur from living a virtuous life naturally puts you in alignment with the loving vibrations of the Universe. The seeds that you sow result in what everyone reaps...

Nothing has to be done for you to enjoy virtuous results, they arise simply from living in morally. The definition of virtuous is: having or showing high moral standards. When this is your direction, the results that naturally arise are love, compassion, kindness, understanding, non judgement, to name a few, you cannot be virtuous and have immoral results. The unpleasantries of existence will still occur, but the way they're dealt with will not allow their suffering to overcome you. There will still be pain, heartache, loss of loved ones, but by living in a moral way, suffering will be much less than if immoral principles were in place. Planting certain seeds can only result in what’s planted, but those seeds will have to be cultivated for their results to occur; a seed only has potential.

Our virtuous qualities will have to be cultivated if they are to results in a moral life. Most people intuitively know what is moral and what is not, but if there's difficultly in deciphering this, a great guide would be being moral is of love and immoral is of selfishness. The me me me mind doesn't have many virtuous qualities or results attached to it. I always knew the difference between virtuous and immoral, but because of my conditioning being moral was beyond my capability. It was only when I began looking inward that my mind settled and there was awareness to see how immoral my behavior was; this occurred naturally as my mind settled. The more the mind settles the more virtuous are your actions and thus the more the results of those actions are of a moral quality...

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