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The Cart Before the Horse

According to many paths on the spiritual ‘roster’,
To awaken there are qualities we need to foster.
But this is ‘putting the cart before the horse’,
When awake they appear as a matter of course.

Compassion is a matter of recognizing
We are the same, not just empathizing.
When awake it’s easy to see
That I am you and you are me …

Discrimination between the ‘real’ and the ‘unreal’,
Means to see and know and ‘feel’
The difference between Awareness, consciousness at rest,
And ephemeral objects, which in this manifest.

Love of God and ones’ fellow ‘men’
Results from seeing, when we awaken,
That ‘all is one’, for love is ‘no separation’.
Awake this is clear, needing no preparation.

Contentment is remaining unperturbed
By things which, when ‘asleep’, we are disturbed.
Awareness is unaffected by what it’s ‘seeing’.
As This we exhibit that quality of being.

Detachment, that is not to cling
To anyone or any thing.
Awareness just witnesses ‘what is’.
Awake, as That, one also does this.

Abandon sleep, Arise, Awake!
Dethrone the ego, just a fake…
Investigate, uncover what’s always here,
Awareness, in which these qualities appear.

A poem from 'Poetry From Beyond The Separate Self' based on a chapter of 'Beyond The Separate Self'.

I write (and read) these posts, based on my meditations and contemplations, as much for my own benefit as for that of 'others'. For this helps to keep me 'awake' in this illusory, and impermanent, world ... our perception of which is based purely on our physical, and mental, configuration.

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