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Post by Pravin Kumar » Fri May 17, 2019 7:52 am

Love is Always Right:

If I’m right, you’re right, and they’re right, who is truly right? We can't all be right so who is right is determined by the one who does what they do from the base of love without needing to be right...

Think about this, everyone thinks what they’re doing is right or they wouldn't be doing it. Whether it's the Democrats, Republicans, the US, Israel, Palestinians, Christains, Muslims, Hindu's, all religions for that matter, Al Queda, all the past and present dictators and their so called empires, the different tribes in Africa, or just people in general, they all think what they’re doing is right, but no one truly knows what right is, and get this we can't all be right, and therein lies the problem. There is no common ground to what or who is right so this makes everyone have a different set of rules as to what's right, which makes for everyone having their own agenda.

On the individual and group level someone is always trying to force their I’m right will on someone else. The missing ingredient in all this I’m right energy is a genuine desire to do what's best for someone else with love that comes from the heart. So many people live and act out with what's in their head and most of it is faulty because it’s not from a genuine love for our fellow beings; it’s from a desire to satisfy self. Even though many people tell themselves what they're doing is what's best it’s really only what's best for them, not for someone else. All that's needed to see this is to look at our worlds current state of affairs and how this set of rules is playing out. The rules in place are geared to satisfying the self instead of being a benefit to all beings. Until this changes and love becomes the base of the set of rules in place, the world will continue to go in its current direction with everybody doing as they please (because they are right), justifying that the reason they do what they do is for the greater good, even though the greater good in most cases is to satisfy the I’m right self. If what you do isn't done for a greater good that's based in love than what you do will be strictly done to benefit the I’m right greater self...

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