Remember your innocence.

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Remember your innocence.

Post by kailin » Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:28 am

Her innocence was her light.
God touched her soul one time, now he let her find her own way. If only she can save the little girl that was. The pure hearted little girl that loved with every ounce of her heart.
She needs to be strong now. She needs to know that the innocence that once was can be once again.
No they didnt take it from you. You took it from yourself by the belief that they could.
Your childhood dreams are still within locked behind the gates of heaven within you. Why are you standing out side of those gates. You have the key in your pocket. God didnt tell you?
Pick up the rose colored glasses and see the magick in the glass sitting right in front of you. Even though you've drank for a long time relishing in the magick and memories of each sip, the glass is still full as your innocence would say. See the magick come out of your finger tips as you wiggle and dance them across from in front of you as you sway all around the living room floor in your big goofy socks and beautiful blue and purple dress in your girly ways, not caring how silly you look or messy your hair is.
Your mind goes to Running through a field of green grass with beautiful flowers all the way up to your waist holding your hands out as your finger tips just barely hit each one and listening to the music of your soul in the bright sun of the daylight as the sun is just going down and the sky is still orange. Remember your mom holding you as a child in the daylight when you hurt yourself.
Feel the very essence of your soul when it's at peace on a warm summer's day.
Remember what it was like when you were innocent, what made you that way? And be it again, own it and know its magical touch.
God touched you once. Let you go your own way.
Now God wants to touch your heart so you can find the magick within, And see through gods eyes the beauty and magick that surrounds you.

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