My dream of love...unrealistic?

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My dream of love...unrealistic?

Post by kailin » Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:29 am

I'm looking for the relationship of my dreams. Someone who is a lot more beautiful then he at first appears to be. Someone who can love my soul. He can show sincerity pouring through in how much he loves me. And to show me all the non materialistic things he will do for me. Someone who only wants my time not an expensive watch. Someone to watch the sun go down with as we sit on the porch and share our happiness and on going dreams with. Cause that's how the perfect relationship would be for me. Someone to share the same love that I have for him within me. Where there is unconditional respect, love and freedom to Express ourselves. And to do our own things and have some space to collect ourselves. And to always talk to eachother to say what we mean and how we feel, to Express ourselves but to keep things loving and clean. Fights and arguments are healthy, but please help me to see things from your viewpoint without bashing me. Teach me more about life and myself. Love me unconditionally but help me see where I'm wrong. I've heard long term relationships are hard but worth it so I'll have to be strong. Everything written above, I'll work on always doing for you with much love. I may not be the most beautiful around, richest or best at anything in particular and I dont know what I could do for you accept be there for you, be loyal, and love you, and respect you. And if that is enough, youd make a poor girl feel like the richest girl on earth.

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