Om Sri Morrigan Namaha

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Om Sri Morrigan Namaha

Post by erik » Sun Dec 29, 2019 2:05 am

Hi there,

I was in the Hare Krishna movement from July 2006 and somewhere in 2010 I was getting attracted to the Celtic roots which I have, I was in particular attracted to Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of War and Death.

I began to chant Om Sri Morrigan Namaha in my mind which is Sanskrit for "I offer my obeisances to Morrigan the Great" and I began to establish a relationship with her, I was still in the Hare Krishna movement and I was still doing service but I added this kind of worship to my daily routine.

One day in 2011 I smoked weed in my house and sat down to chant Om Sri Morrigan Namaha, it is better to chant mantra's or to do meditation or practise breathing techniques when you are stoned because in that way you see and hear more in your head, in your mind.

So I did this for a couple of years, now I stopped smoking weed since June 8th 2018, because it was eating all my money and I was addicted, anyway, I smoked weed, sat down and chanted the mantra, this is what I experienced:

"Suddenly I heard a girl chuckling in my mind, she was flirting with me and I realised that she was part of me, she was part of me as a soul, she must have been my soulmate, my lost soulmate. She laughed softly and flirted again with me, I was flirting back, I felt her and I knew she felt me too! All of the sudden I realised that I was flirting with myself! The girl was me! But I was flirting with her as a man, as I am! This was the feeling coming from that interaction."

It lasted for a minute or so, but I was so freaking happy. I kept on chanting for a half an hour and then my concentration went away. I stood up and walked to my dreambook to write down the experience.

I don't have the dreambooks anymore, I threw them away, and I am really sorry to have done that, it was a stupid thing to do.

Morrigan is a hot babe, but she allowed me to have such an experience, it was awesome! Now I still do meditation, I still chant but not Om Sri Morrigan Namaha anymore, I am currently chanting Hare Krishna, Vishnu and Shiva mantra's, so I am back on the Vedic way again, but sometimes I think back to this experience and have a desire to chant Morrigan's mantra again, maybe I will chant this mantra again, who knows!


Update May 8th 2020: I am chanting Om Sri Morrigan Namaha again since December 29th 2019 (the day I posted this), and I left chanting the other mantra's gradually. I began to chant only Om Sri Morrigan Namaha since Apil 14th 2020. Sometimes, if I have time, I chant 32 rounds on a rosary of 108 beads,
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